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“How I Met Your Mother” remains one of the most popular comedy series of the last 20 years. This is due to the precisely sitting gags, the well-proportioned sentimental moments and the great cast around Jason Segel, Alyson Hannigan and Co. But also the genuinely nested narrative structure with its numerous rear panels makes the Sitcom to something very special. With such an approach, it is very tempting to accommodate numerous allusions and Easter Eggs, which of course has also happened. We present the 15 most amazing of them.

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15 things that nobody can see in “How I Met Your Mother”

How I Met Your Mother

(Picture 1/7): Lily and Zoey wear the same necklace!

(Photo 2/7): Conan O’Brien has a guest appearance – and nobody sees him!

(Picture 3/7): With Lily and Marshall it is always 16:20 clock!

(Picture 4/7): A sandwich in the series is considered a synonym for a joint. Here it is very vividly illustrated.

(Picture 5/7): Robin hides in the background, although Ted and his later wife did not even know each other!

(Picture 6/7): On the neighbor’s gantry stands simply mother. An allusion to the serial end?

(Picture 7/7): Everyone slept with Barney!

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How I Met Your Mother

(Image 1/8): Barney is wearing a tie on a rave.

(Picture 2/8): Before Marshall learns about his father’s death, a countdown begins.

(Picture 3/8): 2029 Marshall catches the monster of Loch Ness!

(Picture 4/8): Marshall wants to pick up the last ear for a rainy day and actually it rains when he distributes it.

(Picture 5/8): Barney’s play is called Suck It Lily!

(Photo 6/8): When Ted finds himself in a mental crisis, the word depression is translated on the sign next to him.

(Picture 7/8): Barney’s false son and Ted’s nephew are played by the same person!

(Picture 8/8): Barney decorates his Christmas tree with ties!

There were not only silly things, some of the allusions were also quite bitter, we refer only to the countdown before the death of Marshall’s father. This example shows, however, that we are not dealing with an 8/15 sitcom according to scheme F, but with a comedy series of upscale calibers.